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WiJiT or WJ Technologies is an Accounting, Information Technology & Advisory Solutions company based out of Washington D.C.
We were extremely excited to call partner with WJ Technologies through the re-branding and new site launch process! One of the best projects of 2016 by far!

A Little Behind The Scenes

WJ Technologies “WiJiT”

Branding | Website | Marketing Collateral

The WJ Technologies Project consisted of three main project components and 1 ongoing marketing component: Branding | Website | Marketing Collateral. Upon branding and site finalization we moved into a marketing and maintenance phase specifically to help continue to grow and build the brand. WiJiT has been a solid partner and we are extremly proud to continue our ongoing relationship with WJ Technologies.
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MARKETING COLLATERAL: We were also giving the opportunity to continually push the branding within the marketing and traditional slicks of the company. From internal resumes comps to traditional service and marketing slicks, we were constantly tasked with creating fresh projects for the WJ Technologies brand.

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