An Investment You’ll Never Lose.

Every wedding is a fingerprint in time and each experience brings a new story that can never be replayed the same way. With that in mind, we never like to offer flat rate pricing for such an evolution of variables. However, we do know that offering a baseline can help you determine your budget for your big day.

Jacksonville Wedding Videographer Pricing

$2000 Investment Baseline

Phase 1 of the work is done the day of your wedding, but another phase of it is made during the story-finding and post-production process following your special day.

But, what does that mean?

Customize Your Event

Our investment baseline is simply an average estimate on overall time and cost it would take to both capture and post-produce and retell your story.

Second Shooter
For Optimal Content Coverage
Starts @ $500
Sound Designer
Hired VJB Audio Engineer and Sound Designer
Starts @ $500
Visual Effects
Make your day complete perfection. Relive the fairytale without the sweat, zits, awkward objects, etc...
Starts @ $500