Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a second shooter?

Yes, we always have the option to add a second videographer to every event or campaign. We work with some of the area’s best videographers so providing additional coverage is not ever an issue! Depending on the location, area, wedding size or party we may recommend additional shooters for maximum event coverage, but it’s never required.

Can I capture my audio and sound the day of my wedding?

ABSOLUTLEY! We leverage our very own certified professional sound engineer and sound designer who works in tandem with us on all creative, commercial and wedding video projects and productions. Everything really depends on the extensiveness of the audio necessities and the sound requirements. Some extremely important questions to answer for your wedding day include:

    • Do I Want to relive and/or hear my vows?
    • Do I want to be relive and/or be able to hear my reception toasts?
    • Do I want to capture the environmental audio(clapping, audience integration, environmental and location sound components)?
    • Is it important for me to have the highest quality sound?

**Productions are a 50/50 process. 50% of the strongest productions rely on proper audio and sound design for optimal experience. If you are looking for a true timeless story and want to relive every moment to it’s fullest, we highly recommended considering a sound designer in your budget for your big day!

What is your turnaround time?

Of course every wedding day and story is unique and finding that story in each capture can some some time — of course, that is if the expectancy is to relive it the best way possible!

We do ask for your input in expectation initially and consider this a priority for delivering your final video. However, we do ask for a minimum of 7 to 14 days on all baseline video productions. This minimum may fluctuate depending on the extensiveness of the video package and options selected, but we do attempt to deliver our final videos within a maximum of 21 to 30 days!

Do you shoot in 4K?

We sure do. However, it depends on the ask. Our typical baseline storytelling and event shoot includes the current industry-standard:

  • 4K at 24fps
  • 1080 at 120fps – for slow motion

If all 4K is required, we do add in an additional equipment upgrade fee. However, most outputs still don’t deliver a true 1080 experience, let alone completely and fully a true 4K experience that doesn’t require additional technology to playback in optimal format – so at this point, it’s not recommended – but WE ABSOLUTELY DO OFFER IT!

Will you travel for weddings or events?

Absolutely! We’ve traveled quite a bit for commercial campaigns and are more than willing to negotiate travel expenses and options in order to make sure your story is told no matter the what side of the fence!

Do we get all of our footage?

Yes and No. But don’t be alarmed – we just get rid of what we call garbage footage. We do not keep our cameras running all day, so many times we are conserving battery while we set up for the next location or environment. A lot of times that means we grab a lot of unnecessary or unusable footage that needs to be removed from our cards so we conserve space for our final edit and the post-production process. However, all of the “usable, raw” footage is yours to keep, but we do require an external device for the transfer.

Although we do provide you with an edit and story of our own, you are more than welcome to use all of your raw footage to retell your story any way you’d like!

***We do NOT provide our working files***

How do you provide us our final video?

Once the wedding is complete and the final video is ready for render we do require the final invoice to be paid before the final video is sent over. We do not create video hardware (i.e. Blu-Rays or DVDs). However, if requested we can have them prepared for a small additional preparation and resource fee.

Everything is delivered to you digitally – however, is you want an uncompressed version of the file, we do recommend providing us with an external hard-drive that we can give back to you with your final video.