Kai Designs, A Creative Video Agency Based in Jacksonville

Kai Designs has been growing and building relational brands since 2010.


What Is Kai Designs

Kai Designs was created in 2010 by Chris Maness as a digital marketing and creative agency based in Jacksonville, Florida that focused on building timeless brands that compete on the foundation of creative, resource rich content. We are not an sole-focus analytics-based company. May sound a bit odd? We believe that unique resource rich individuality is what makes a brand stand above the fold in it’s industry.

Video Production

Creative, Commercial &
Wedding Video Projects

Digital Marketing

Branding, Web Design, Photography
SEO, SMO & Content Direction

Meet The Kai Designs Team

Kai Designs is a collective of local creatives started in order to offer higher level creative experiences for custom-tailored creative projects.

Chris Maness

Creative Director + Founder

Chris is a full time creative director and video production and visual effects artist based out of Jacksonville, Florida who has a passion for design, creative projects, branding and all things video and visual effects.

Jordan Treimer


Jordan Treimer is an master videographer with years of education and experience operating some of the industries leading technology. From drones to DSLRs if there is a piece of tech that needs operating, Jordan is the man to make it not only function, but function at the highest level.

Whitney Jordan


Whitney has been building social networks for over 10 years and is our mastermind at SMO and Social campaigning. Doesn't matter if you are building networks via Facebook or growing your following via Instagram your growth is covered.

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