Kai Designs Jacksonville


Kai Designs is a creative, digital design firm located in Jacksonville, Florida. We specialize in
online marketing for (well – just about everyone actually). Whether you need a site, graphics, print collateral,
developmental projects, social media needs, or even content management necessities, we gotcha covered.


Coming Soon!

Kai Culture

Kai Culture is a new beach-wear company located in Jacksonville that will focus on positive culture impact

Kai will be launching a new clothing-line over the next few years specifically designed and targeted for beach lovers. We are currently in the process of moving new product in an out of our doors right now for promotion purposed. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to donate or participate in our cause!

Our philosophy and goal is to target beach and water culture while helping those less fortunate. Our goal is to provide athletes with sponsorships and scholarships who make an impact in their community.

The goal isn’t to “compete” for money or marketshare. And we definitely aren’t in it to overtake “Hurley.” We are simply here to enjoy the beauty of this temporary place and give back some pretty cool design ideas!